Guest Speaker: Catholic Association for Racial Justice Urban Network Meeting

On 17 March, 2017 we had the pleasure of speaking at the Catholic Association for Racial Justice’s (CARJ) Urban Network Meeting. We co-presented with Farah Elahi of Runnymede on the Casey Review. Bridge provided an overview of the report and centred our analysis on two core chapters: Social and Economic Exclusion and Inequality and Harm. We posited that the review:

  • places too much emphasis on the Muslim community (which constitutes approx. 5% of the UK population) thus marginalising other minority groups and people of lower socio-economic backgrounds who deserve attention in the integration debate
  • treats British Muslim’s as a homogenous group and so fails to engage with the nuances and complexities surrounding religion in relation to race, origin of birth, community and a multitude of other influencing factors
  • primarily focuses on the “weaknesses” within the Muslim community and fails to pay significant attention to structural limitations faced by most minority groups such as educational attainment gaps and labour market penalties which serve as key barriers to integration

For more on the Casey Review, see our blog here.

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